Author Sandra Steingraber Inspires My Work

I have the honor of hosting the Green Moms Carnival this month, the topic is:  Green Books And Authors We Love.

Sandra Steingraber,  is an author known as  “the new rachel carson” says Sierra Magazine.  

Her most recent book is titled:  Raising Elijah: Protecting Our Children In An Age Of Environmental Crisis

I first heard of and experienced Sandra at a local screening of her documentary Living Downstream in 2010.

I am sharing her here and loving her again because her continued pioneering and forward path inspires me. This is a one woman make a difference machine!

Sandra is a scholar in residence at Ithaca College, a biology major from IWU, she obtained her Masters in English from ISU, and a doctorate in Biology from U of M, she is an author of three books, each having a focus on cancer in relationship to the environment. She herself is a bladder cancer survivor.  With adopted parents and cancer in her family she felt the cancer wasn’t in her DNA but from the world around her.  She set out to prove it.

Sandra’s voice is soothing, methodical and strident.  Her message strong and determined, she continues to break the silence around the country urging parents to demand government policies that ensure the healthy development of children and the eco-systems on which all of our lives are dependent on.

One roomful of listeners at a time she will speak, large or small, in times of mothering she’d pull out a jar of freshly expressed breast milk  “This is the most chemically contaminated food on the planet,” she says. “It has more dioxin, more PCBs, more DDT and fat-soluble pesticides than any other food. It is also absolutely unsubstitutable.” 

Oh my god, I nursed my children!  I was devoted to the idea that breast milk was the best thing for them. I didn’t know!  Most mom’s don’t.

She speaks to the harms of Fracking.  At a hearing recently she used a different maternal and earthy prop and passed around a local loaf of artisan bread.  Bread from her baker.  She said, the bread – wholesome and pure – hand made, is mostly water, This bread is at risk – fracking leases surround the acreage that this natural organic  bread comes from.

Voices like Sandra’s help more people understand serious environmental concerns.

Having Faith:  An Ecologist’s Journey to Motherhood 

Living Downstream – the book

Living Downstream – the documentary

Raising Elijah: Protecting Our Children In An Age Of Environmental Crisis 

My work is prevention, and my belief is to take a proactive approach. I am not delusional in thinking that taking vitamins and cleaning green will emphatically protect me from cancer, but I do believe in giving my body the tools to give it fighting chance. Improving immune function can not harm me.  Cleaning green certainly is more pleasant than something chemically.  Reducing exposure to harmful foods is another choice I can make, supporting my local farmers another pro-choice regarding my personal journey on this planet. I speak to these things and sell products that make a difference on this planet and for our well being because this speaks to who I am.

Read Sandra’s books, learn from them and share this message.

Join all of us from Green Moms Carnival Monday February 13th as we collectively share Green Authors And Books We Love


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