Green Moms Carnival :: Green Books And Authors We Love

What fabulous green books have you enjoyed and who are the green authors that you admire? I am delighted to host Green Moms Carnival this month and share our collaborative perspectives on the exciting topic of Green Books And Authors We Love. 

Commentary from any of the woman in green moms carnival are always resourceful, thoughtfully written and enthusiastic…please enjoy: 

Tiffany of Nature Moms could not just single out one title, I was fascinated by her topics of interests, I bet you will be too.

Micaela of MIndful Momma, Abbie Of Farmers Daughter, and Diane of Big Green Purse ALL shared reviews of our fellow green mom and author Deanna Duke’s new book Non-Toxic Avenger.   This book shares a personal journey of relieving one’s own personal toxin burden. The reviews are all mighty positive.  I know I too enjoyed this book very much!

Amber of shared five compelling green book titles and how they inspired her. She shared how books convince her that she too can make a difference.

Lori of Groovy Green Livin shares ten green books just for kids, as a seasoned mom, I had to say her suggestions made me smile with memories long gone now of reading at the library.

Beth of A Plastic Free Life’s book review is about someone who takes a well researched journalistic perspective about the topic of plastic, be sure to consider Beth’s very own call to action book Plastic Free  

Anna Of Green Talk reviews a book about greening your teen to change our world, simply put our teens are our next leaders, they will take us into the future of green!

Alline of Ecovillage Musings, and someone who hasn’t joined in on the carnival in awhile ( good to have you back Alline!!)  is a devoted book pusher, her love of books is about sharing them  Books were part of her decisions to live in an intentional community, click on to investigate her impressive list of favorites

Harriet Of Climate Mama focuses her title selections on books about Climate Change especially those that can start conversations with kids about that topic.   Harriet also pointed to all the impressive authors we have on our Green Moms Carnival.

Betsy Of Eco-Novice shares five of her favorite and rather intensive green guides, with a lovely and gently reminder how overwhelming and stressful it can be.  A bit like read with caution and only if you are really ready to know.  I appreciated that.

This past week I shared about the author Sandra Steingarber at my blog Best Of Mother Earth and how she inspires me. She is highly regarded for her voice on many environmental issues, hydro-fracking beng one.




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