Sugar Love And Childhood Obesity

Everyone loves sugar, who wouldn’t – it’s sweet and tasty!   When sugar however becomes an addiction or an obsession than we have a problem. Often when I work with a client, we talk about foods and I draw attention to hidden sugars.   We don’t need sugar in our spaghetti sauce, our salad dressings and our frozen peas for gosh sakes!  When we look at all the manufactured foods with hidden sugars it’s rather alarming. When we consider that these manufacturers add these sugars to make the food more desirable  – it’s no wonder we all have portion control concerns. They are designed to be addictive.

Sugar has no nutritional value, it’s calories are empty and useless.  If one takes a serious look at sugar intake it’s easy to see why the average American consumes 22 teaspoons a day, a teen thanks to the consumption of pop is at a whopping 34 teaspoons a day.

some of the above commentary is resourced from a patch post by a fellow sales leader “Jean’s Scene”.

I enjoyed Jean’s formula for understanding how much sugar you personally consume and was very surprised by the amount of sugar in a single serving of yogurt.  Who knew??   I wasn’t paying attention to the dairy I consume as a source of sugar intake.  The naturally occurring sugar in dairy is still sugar, and if you are counting your teaspoons it adds up!  I am not one to sweeten my beverages, but my one serving of yogurt had 4 teaspoons of sugar in it.   Heap that out onto a plate and that’s a lot!!

Jean’s post was a mom wondering how much sugar she was giving her son.  This is something to seriously look at.

Sugar weakens the immune system.  Have you ever noticed how kids get sick the moment school starts ?  Part of that is candy-centric holidays from Halloween all the way to Easter.  In the summer kids are more active, outside more, eating more fruits and vegetables and they are less sick. Imagine that!  The increase of diabetes is staggering, the pre-diabetic state is much more prevalent than ever before and add the obesity epidemic piece of the equation and something has got to go!

Changes in behavior aren’t easy,  but if you take one bad behavior at a time and shift it.  The results will surprise you.

Decrease the empty sugar calories. Your body and your health will love you for it. 






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