New Magazine — Taproot

I admit I am a devoted amanda soule groupie.

I love her vibe, her soft chatter, her warm heart, the beauty she surrounds herself, either handmade or naturally, and I admire her authenticity.  Simply by being herself she’s created a wonderful brand.  She is deeply committed and when she sets out to do something you experience the meaning tried and true.  I’ve been with her, her blog and family through two of her pregnancies, watched her move to their dream farm, publish two additional books, welcome fearfully, beekeeping to her daily tasks ( which i found sooooo fascinating) and always always find myself in a chuckle when she writes that she made popcorn for dinner…yet again.  I treasure the personality of her kids, the sweet posts written by her husband, and I am deeply envious of her talents in textiles.

A recent blog post shared an exciting project she is involved in that I felt I wanted to share.  It’s a stunning new magazine called Taproot.  In her post she writes, as only she can, about wanting to be part of something that is shifting to less. less stuff, less noise, a slower, and more mindful place.   As the editor of what looks like a deeply rooted concept, she lovingly shares images of the proofs of the first issue coming to print in March.   In my mind it looks like a magazine that I’d love to have.  It strikes me as thoughtful, arty and very resourceful.  AND a beautiful reminder of less.   Which I think is needed today.

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