Leap Of Faith

Just wanted to share that I’ve leapt into a new website/blog platform for my photography!

If you haven’t noticed I have been hobbying/dabbling/loving/been intoxicated by capturing images around me.

those who know me well understand my desire to bring some layer of uniqueness to the way I do things …my past has always had a yearning for creativity, and I’ve longed for a way to share this expression, even dreaming of earning a living at it!!

while I am not at the professional level just yet…

I have produced some pretty astounding portfolio imagery

This past year I’ve been shouting them out on FB, My Blog, and Tumblr, yet I did not have a pointing place via a professional looking website.

Now I do!!

Note:  the site is a working place, and a work in progress.   I am just tickled by the platform!!

If it’s easier for you here is some specific navigation:

home page


the blog

recently added images …

finally, a place to show featured or current projects in progress

P.S.  should you know a creative seeking a nice user friendly web presence I can’t say enough about my free trial with zenfolio.  Check it out –  I can offer a referral code for a discount to an upgrade should you decide to.  I get a little $ credit also!


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