Take On The Good To Go Commuter Challenge!

A Bloomington – Normal  campaign known as “Good To Go” is gearing up for it’s annual challenge.   The campaign asks commuters to look at sustainable/ alternative ways of transportation.   This could include car share, car pooling, riding a bike, walking or taking the bus!

The effort asks computers to take this on for one week.  It’s a super program to observe commute habits and to consider some of these shifts as your personal norm. Try it on!

The director of the ISU Sustainability program Michael McCurdy enthusiastically champions this campaign, he commutes via bicycle to his job, as program director for the local public radio station WGLT

Michael just completed a series of radio/blog interviews to illustrate several who are alternatively commuting year round.   I was the project photographer.

The actual Good To Go challenge is May 12-18,  a friendly competition between individuals, teams and workplaces.  Participants track/report their efforts and are eligible for prizes. The simple goal is to do anything but drive alone.

The main reasons to consider alternative transportation is that it’s really good for you, great for the planet and it saves you money! It also connects you with others in the community!!

More projects by Photographer Karen Hanrahan

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2 Responses to Take On The Good To Go Commuter Challenge!

  1. Alternative transportation is a great way to cut down on gas and harmful emission in the environment. I definitely agree that driving alone can be changed!

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