The Coolness Of An Auto-Ship Program.

I recommend auto-ship to all my customers.  It keeps them on track for getting the products they need each and every month, or every other month depending on their usage. Because supplements are a consumable, meaning you have to actually take them in order to experience the benefit, my customers tell me auto-ship is a bit like a built in accountability program.

Auto-ship saves you money in two ways,  we have certain products that when placed on auto-ship are an additional 10% off member price.  That’s a 25% discount off of retail pricing!

If you place a larger order and put the auto-ship on an every other month rotation – you save on shipping!!   It’s 8.99 to ship up to 9lbs of product.  I think saving on shipping is a great idea!!  Also less shipments means less packaging!

Conveniently you set up a standard what you need order, but if you ever need to add or delete an item it’s as easy as a click or a phone call away.

Auto-ship is self managed program.  I adore working with each of you individually but sometimes the convenience of auto-ship is a win/win for both of us!

Here is a sample email that a customer gets

(note: i played with the language a bit)

Subject: Your Next AutoShip Order Is Going To Ship 

Dear Super Duper Wellness customer,

This message is to remind you that your Product Order AutoShip,  is scheduled for processing in a week

You may view or edit the item(s) shipping in this order at ( specific link is inserted here)  You will need your Member ID and password to access this secure transaction page. You may update your Order AutoShip at any time BEFORE the scheduled processing date of ….

For assistance with your AutoShip, you may call 1-800 – the best wellness company ever, M-F 6AM – 7PM Pacific, or email us…

Thank you for using AutoShip!


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