Climate Change And Our Health

This post is for this month’s Green Mom’s Carnival hosted by Diane MacEachern of Big Green Purse. The topic is Climate Change.

It’s the last day of Earth Month.  Earth day is an over done, green washed “whatever”  expression that has lost it’s meaning to perfect looking designer grocery bags, and look good efforts to plant a tree.  I realize I am being very negative.  But many of us who advocate green concerns find this month to be a lot of green noise. Changes that could happen to move things forward via climate change aren’t happening fast enough. For me, my concerns are climate change and our health.

Perhaps I shouldn’t complain, I personally don’t take on climate change like some,  yet I point in admiration to those that do, and I advocate when and where I can.

The way I earn my living is by selling supplements.   The premise of taking supplements is to build your well being, protect and enhance it – it’s in the mind set of prevention.  Prevent illness and you won’t get trapped in the machinery of modern medicine.  I believe this, it’s one thing I feel I might have control over.   I example this as best as I can.  I  eat well – that means eating for health – not eating for taste. I cook from scratch, and gosh darn it,  I take my vitamins.  I champion my clients to do the same. I hope this is somehow doing my part.   I know I help people get well, get off of medications, restore their health.   Is that enough?

In reading about the future of climate change, inevitable atrocities are expected,  especially to our water supply.  This precious commodity needs to be protected.    I heard a statistic that said that our municipalities only treat 3% of the water supply for drinking water,   the other 97% goes to things like washing our cars.   What??   That statistic floored me.  What are we actually doing with our water ?? Do we even know?  Look at the manufacturing of a fast food hamburger and how much water that takes.   We don’t get that water back.  How about the manufacturing of bottled water.  Excuse me, but that’s simply criminal.  Why are we still allowing the manufacturing of bottle water?   Why?

Many of the top health issues are diet related.  The statistics just around the issue of obesity are staggering.  I know this perhaps sounds naive, but as long as 75% of what is purchased at our grocery stores – this so called produced/manufactured food — is still available for folks to consume, become addicted to, and continue to build poor health and illness …nothing will change.

So….couldn’t we just stop making the stuff ?? Yeah – like shut the industry down.   Do people really need ketchup, sugar laden genetically modified corn cereal and diet coke??  If aspartame, high fructose syrup and altered grain are ALL bad for us, why are we still producing it??  I don’t get it.   Why do we manufacture this stuff??  Let’s abolish fast food.   Make it illegal. Can you even imagine it?  If we are such a powerful smart industrious nation, couldn’t we recreate the family meal, implement scratch cooking, lose the BPA lined cans and get back to eating from the land?  A land not sprayed with round up and controlled by some large mega company??  What if the aisles in the grocery stores were reverse and 75% was “live” clean, healthy, health building food??  Let’s fund and champion the organic farmer, real people, hard working people who care. They want to alter the way we are currently eat.  Let the organic farmer take that on!!  What about mandating school lunch programs that serve vegetables.  Period.  Like that’s the only choice.  None of this chicken tenders crap.  What if hospitals and nursing homes served patients vegetable soup, verses plastic peel lid apple juices and jello.   Jello?  Since when does jello do the body good?

With regard to climate change it is predicted that we can look forward to extreme temperatures, super infectious diseases spread by insects who thrive on warmer temperatures, poor air quality and more. This is frightening!

Our bodies human needs to be in  a much stronger place to combat these pending concerns

How we doing on that ?? Is your immunity at it’s very best?   I know I feel as I get older, that I have to work harder to continually build and protect my immune system.   I work with moms and infants who are so immune challenged so early, how are these kids going to be prepared for the fall of our earth’s natural resources? When they can’t even manage a common ear ache without a round of antibiotic.

Obviously my ideas lack some layer of reality in our current model.   I don’t know what leader of what nation would shake things up and make decisions that are not based on profit, greed and harm and actually get to the business of quality living.  Life.  Isn’t that what we are here for ??  Can’t it be a life of wellness for all and save the planet too?

Am I too kumbaya in my thinking??

Or is there potential somehow?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.



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2 Responses to Climate Change And Our Health

  1. sheila glazov says:

    So DELIGHTED that Mother Earth is back! I have missed your words, wisdom perspective, and photography!! It’s your Thoughtful Blue Brain wanting Peace and “Wellness”!! 🙂

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