Mother Daughter Tile

perhaps you recall that i am a gushing fan of the swedish artist camilla engman. she examples someone who has made herself very accessible via the web, I feel often artists are so elusive and mysterious. I fell for Camilla’s authenticity and her very unique expression.

when she posted that she was working on another collaboration with ceramicist karin ericksson,  an artist I also have admired, thanks to her work with Camilla, I went to peek at the items they were clearing out to make room for their newer pieces.

I was quite taken with this particular piece

i thought, wow – this tile says mother/daughter to me, how totally cool.

on a whim, i ordered it.

and so here it is – just in time for Mothers Day!!

i had to take a close up of the signature. LOOK…both of them signed it!!

when it arrived… I emailed both of them.  i shared that the tile was here, safe and intact and that i was delighted and grateful.

both artists entertained a few forth and back emails with me.

oh my goodness more gush.

perhaps my photography will someday have an adoring following.

yes, i have artist envy.

by the way, my daughter and I?

we are just like the ladies in this tile.

very happening!!

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