Results Were Good To Go

WGLT’s Good To Go alternative transportation challenge occurred last week and the results are now in.  Loved seeing the tally, especially hearing that bus use went up by 150%!

The goal of the program is awareness – don’t drive alone, consider a variety of alternative methods of transportation, save money on gasoline and do one’s part for the environment.  Every small effort makes a difference

New to the challenge I noticed a few things:

working from home has my actual commute not really be an issue at least compared to most

when i do commute I am mindful, stacking my places to go all in one commute – I commute for errands – grocery, farmers market, occasional shopping and my social excursions. I typically don’t commute daily.

some of the places i needed to go were not on the bus routes thus limiting my ability to use the bus. I had never considered bus use prior to joining this campaign.

when asked, folks were eager to ride share – this is how I utilized this challenge the most

i am not equipped to carry stuff in a walking commute – this had me rethink that option.

What I learned from the challenge is that I could do better, it had me actively explore how to use the bus system, and it had me rethink ways to make alternative modes of transportation ( cycling, walking, the bus and ride sharing ) fit into my life.  On my wish list is a bag that might help me carry more things in a walking commute.

Way to go for the success of this campaign!!  What are you doing to take on alternative methods of commuting?

image by Karen Hanrahan

I had the privilege to shoot imagery that illustrated examples of those already taking on alternative transportation for the Good To Go’s Blog – these were the final images chosen 

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