Be A Seed Starter!

Bring Green Top Grocery Co-op to our town!!

There is a super cool local project going on.

3 months ago, out of curiosity  I attended a meeting to learn what a food co-op was, I mean,  I knew what a food co-op was, but what was a food co-op going to be here, in our town?  Well, 100 people were just as curious as I!

Since — this thing has just taken off!

June is an especially important month for the project as they are campaigning for seed money.   Below are the specific details.  It would be terrific not only if you could contribute but also if you could help spread the word!!

Not sure about you, but sometimes a certain project resonates,  this one speaks to so many of my personal sensibilities I am happy to share it, encourage participation and wish it a rocking success!  What about you ??

text below was lifted word for word ( ha!) from the Green Top Grocery E-Newsletter, which all of you should sign up for  …

Become A Green Top Grocery Seed Starter: 

This is a campaign to raise $17,000 in start-up funds from our supporters before June 30. Green Top supporters have already donated $4,800, plus we received a $2,000 grant from Western Illinois University — so we are off to a good start!

If you want to make our food co-op a reality, please donate what you can to help get Green Top off the ground — $5, $500, or $5,000. It all helps! Donations made by June 30 are tax-deductible!  Get the details for making your donation here!

Seed Starter money will be used for necessary items such as:

  • Incorporation & bylaws
  • Liability insurance
  • Membership plan review by co-op specialist
  • Financial pro forma
  • Co-op consultant
  • Marketing materials, printing, etc.

After these items are completed, the project will be far enough along in the process we we can begin offering memberships (yay!)

So please don’t wait — become a Seed Starter before June 30.



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3 Responses to Be A Seed Starter!

  1. Karen J says:

    Hey Karen ~ This sounds fabulous! Is the one you’re working with just for the Bloomington area, or where? ‘Cuz there’s -zero- location info on the poster…

    Bella Fortuna for this project ~
    and Bright Blessings, always! Karen J

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