Pollution + Sun Exposure = Damaged Skin

The sun causes damage to your skin – would you agree?

The only thing that ages or damages the skin more than the sun is exposure to the sun PLUS exposure to environmental pollutants.

Do we all get exposed to environmental pollutants ?
Uh – Do you ever go outside?

These pollutants turn into free radicals ON our skin.

When free radicals attack your skin, a complex chain reaction occurs.

Products containing small amounts of a few anti-oxidants only partially address this equation and are simply not enough to stop the damage that contributes to what we know as accelerated aging.

Want protection?

Look for a sunscreen that combines patented broad – spectrum UVA and UVB protection. One that has true anti-oxidant protection.

The sunscreen that I personally use has a proprietary combination of  anti-oxidant ingredients that offers a breakthrough approach with a synergistic, comprehensive, highly derma-available complex that is designed to actually break each link in the chain of free radical damage.

wow,  that’s a mouthful not to mention a whole lot of sun protection

It filter’s out the sun’s harsh rays to help prevent skin damage.

It provides a very high protection against sunburn for blondes, redheads and fair-skinned persons.

It’s non-irritating, especially designed for sensitive skin.

Perhaps you’d enjoy this profound plant-based highly protective sunscreen as part of your skin care program.

Don’t forget that your  lips need sun protection too

when I was young, oh ever so long ago, I soaked up the sun big time.  As a teenager I felt invincible ( remember that ? ) Oh, I don’t need sun protection. I did get wise when I was pregnant for the first time actually, so I thought, and started to use a sunscreen when I was beaching it.

I used a product leftover from the summer before) and got a terrible reaction.  I was told I had formaldhyde poisoning – the preservatives used to pickle the sunscreen had pickled me ! I still have the bleaching and scarring on my arms. To this day I am now ultra careful in the sun, but since that incident I have had sun poisoning symptoms several times. All of this is because of the type of chemical I had applied to my skin that I thought was protecting me – didn’t. This topic is really important to me. There are so many chemicals in typical skin care products – it’s frightening.

If and when you do get “bit ” by the rays I use this as my “after” sun relief product,  (please note the clinicals for this product)  This serum is great on bug bites, rashes and wind burns too.

For every day care and protection of your face I use this 5 in one product.  It falls into the anti-aging category with loads of nutrients that are actually available to the skin.
I love this quote , “I don’t know what’s in this stuff,  but it’s feeding my face!”

sunshine flickr image credit

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