5 Takeaways From AtMidwest

Here are my five AtMidwest Conference take aways :

Keynote Speaker Tim Miles of The Daily Blur, was an unknown to me until today.  He combined a charming cerebral sortof sexy geek speaking style with a fascinating message about how history repeats itself and how we behave collectively has been done before.  “Lather, Rinse, and Repeat” he said.  I thought to myself how done that been there we all are!!   Referencing a book titled “Generations” he described in detail the Civic and Idealist generations just past.  I found the information fascinating.   Much of his conversation emphasized that it’s a good time to do good.  His opening comment shared that “there is never a better time to do what it is that you do” this resonated with me deeply.

The sassy blast of a speaker Jill Salzman of The Founding Moms, is someone I met a year ago. I feel like I am a such gushing fan of her work, probably because I am.  This rock star of a woman crafts what she knows as mom, business owner, and as someone who loves people and calls that “expertise”!  Listen to her TED talk. You will see why her message is so dynamic.  Sign up for her newsletter you will experience something simple, to the point and resourceful.  She’s to me a very walk her talk gal.  Her presentation about becoming an expert was super good timing for me personally and very useful.

The smart and sweet Barbara Maldonado of  Legacy Marketing is also someone I met a year ago.  I saw a recent tweet sharing that she had gotten engaged,  and found myself especially happy for her! I couldn’t wait to give her a hug and say so!  Turns out In her bag she had a box of Green and Black’s organic chocolates in case she ran into me today.   I literally about cried!!  Who does that – who brings gifts just in case !!??  In her presentation “experiential marketing and social media”  she asked the question “what is the surprise and the delight?” and I thought wow – what a great question!   What potential a virtual experience or an event by can become by keeping delight in mind!   She said when someone is part of something experiential they think –  I was here and this was important.   I have to agree!   Just so you know,  Barbara is absolutely brilliant at this.

Joe Strupek VP of Public Affairs State Farm and local comedian compared the wild west and pistols, armed and dangerous so to speak, to our cell phones.  His comical presentation was about ethics and rules, gunfight at the social corral.  TOO funny.  I got such a kick out of his comparison of the old fashioned over the wire telegram with it’s dashes and dots to twitter!!   Joe has such a dynamic charm on the stage!  He commented how easy it is to slip that cell phone out of our holsters, have a point of view, thumb out a message and hit send…but once you do, it’s out there forever.  The wild west had no rules, neither does the wild wild web. How true!

Melissa Schenk owner and executive producer of ms2.ca, is an infectious fireball of a gal!! She offered a presentation about engagement and magnetic marketing.  Melissa is definitely magnetic!!  She’s known for her advocacy of video, which if any of you know me, I am not a particular fan of video. Yet in her presentation the video samples she shared were very impactful and entertaining.  Note to self:  video is valuable!  No matter what the medium is that one uses to express themselves I was left with how remarkably important it is to have a distinctive impression on line.

Thank you AtMidwest for a informative event!!

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2 Responses to 5 Takeaways From AtMidwest

  1. Jill Salzman says:

    Thank you, Karen! Always such a pleasure (really, just magical) to see you…can’t wait to see you again!

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