Natural Digestive Issue Solutions

Your summer travel tummy ache solutions could include these medicinal herbs:

Acidopholus/ Bifidus: Travelers diarrhea is more common than one might think – This particular brand guarantees half a BILLION live beneficial bacteria directly to the small intestine. A balance of healthy bacteria has been shown to boost the body’s natural defense capabilities.

Peppermint/ Ginger: Perhaps you get an upset stomach from driving, flying or boating.  Plan ahead for motion sickness. Using a blend of herbs including peppermint and ginger this product will ease motion sickness and it’s accompanying queasiness and nausea.

Senna: Constipated?  The herb Senna, which has been used for thousands of years is a natural laxative.  Senna and several other herbs provide a gentle and effective colon flush – it does not cause “emergency” trips to the bathroom – just a gentle encouragement of the muscles of the colon to get things moving again. This product is a “signature” formula for this particular company.

Plant based digestive Enzymes: Gassy? Bloated? Enzymes assist the digestion of all the foods you eat – many enzyme products are animal based – but this brand is a multi action plant based product – better digestion means better absorption of your food.






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