Local Photographer Helps Launch Kickstarter Campaign

My ideal photographer scenario is to work with projects that resonate with me and create images that tell story.  This came to life and launch yesterday thanks to something called Kickstarter.   Are you familiar with Kickstarter?  I know I wasn’t.    Kickstarter is a crowd sourcing medium for raising funds for creative start ups and projects.  Basically guys like “The Blokes”   set up a profile.  They share an idea/ concept  “Two Blokes And A Bus”  and decide on a dollar amount they want to raise.  They then send it all in to Kickstarter and if approved they get 30 days to market their idea online and on FB !! It’s absolutely fascinating.   Kindly click on and read what these clever and talented gents are up to,  be sure to view the video – at the end are some very funny bloopers.  It is optional to donate, of course if you do that would be wonderful.  It’s also super cool to share this with folks who you know – getting the word out will help these blokes bring essential street food to our community!!

Who might you know who could benefit from my image telling services? I am actively seeking projects!!

image by karen hanrahan 

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