Green Top Grocery Starts Owner Drive

Remember that local seed starting campaign I shared a bit back?  Well,  proudly that little bit of asking yielded a whole lot of upfront starting capitol for this budding enterprise!!

How cool is that!? 

Since they have created a new logo

( which if i may say… the design of it makes me so happy!)

Our new logo conveys the friendly, welcoming nature of Green Top Grocery. The exclamation point adds excitement and whimsy. The exclamation point doubles as a “growing thing” with leaves, representing Green Top’s emphasis on freshness and a vibrant community.  Many thanks to Melanie Shellito of Artezen, LLC for this fresh and lively design! 

And so begins the first of many owner drives … check out this event that looks like a lovely way to spend a late summer evening!!

We hope you are planning to join us at Connie Link Amphitheatre in Normal on Friday, August 24, to kick off Green Top’s Owner Drive!  The Amphitheatre is located at 611 S. Linden St.,to the south of the Park Maintenance Building.  You can get more information about being a Green Top Owner during this event–and join if you’re ready. (You can also check out our Fact Sheet for more info about what it means to be an Owner.)

Here’s our schedule for August 24:

6:30 pm: Live music, picnicking, family fun, and Silent Auction of local food baskets

8:00(ish): FREE public screening of GROW! An inspiring 60-minute documentary that captures the energy and independence of a fresh crop of young farmers, aiming to solve some of the current system’s inequities by growing clean, fair food.  Free local popcorn, too!

Bring your own chair. blanket, and picnic!

Our initial goal is 500 Owners for Green Top.  When we reach this goal, our first 500 Owners will be invited to be participate in a photo like the one to the left to celebrate this major milestone in development of our co-op.  What do you think? How long will it take? Can we recruit 500 Owners in 30 days?

Green Top Grocery would like to thank PrairiErth Farm for their generosity in underwriting the cost of showing GROW! at this event.

above info source from green top’s newsletter. 


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