Back To School = Sick Kids

This post is for this month’s green mom’s carnival hosted by Micaela Preston of Mindful Momma

The topic is Back To School.  It’s our 5th annual!! Wow!

Ever notice that when the kids get back to school they start to get sick?

Ever wonder why?

Could it be germs?

Ever think about them?

Ever think about them in relationship to back to school?

the doorknobs
the desks
the teachers desk
the pencils
the pens
the chairs
the computer key boards
the chalk
the eraser
the books
the drinking fountain
the lunch table
the lunch box
the milk carton
the cafeteria
the washroom
the gym
the locker room
the bus

need I go on ?

Everything mentioned above are items that are touched by EVERYONE over and over and over.

Would you agree that the germ factor in the school environment is HUGE?

My mom clients come out of the woodwork every back to school time.

I NEED some vitamins!! My family is already starting to get sick. “… the minute my kids get exposed,….” they say.

Breaks my heart.

What is it about school that makes my child sick?

Perhaps it’s the use of toxic chemicals in the classroom or around the school’s property, some states thanks to the Green Schools Initiative are making strides to remedy that.

Perhaps it’s because very little cleaning actually occurs in the classroom.

Add the average american diet, horrific school lunch programs, high sugar consumption and stress, not to mention in the fall there is a shift to cooler weather.

All of these things contribute to reduced immune function.

Reduced immune function equals sick

Oh don’t forget the germs. Lots and lots of germs.

I don’t advocate germ hysteria or paranoia

Basic hand washing will get many of us very far.

I personally feel that anti-bacterial stuff is a bunch of hooey

I will say this …

Consider a happy back to school gift for the teacher

Give them this handy dandy canister of non-toxic germ wipes.

They can use them to actually clean the door knobs and computer key boards or everything!

Best yet maybe the teacher would let you come in and do a “daily wipe “.

That way you know it’s getting done!

P.S.  It never hurts for you and your kids to take your vitamins too!!

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2 Responses to Back To School = Sick Kids

  1. maxwell adams says:

    So true! The toxins in & around a school are massive. And what the school normally is subjected to use for “cleaning” only exacerbates the problems. And most parents & teachers aren’t even aware.

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