Book Review – Kicking The Plastic Habit – Author Beth Terry

Who comes to my mind as the top influencer in shifting ones ideas to a more plastic free lifestyle.   Beth Terry!

My first impression of Beth?  Not so impressive. When I began reading green blogs I thought a LOT of them were too crunchy/weird for me.  The image of Beth, sitting in the middle of her living room surrounded by a years worth of her plastic use? I don’t think so.

I changed my mind about Beth thanks to the collective of amazing woman from Green Moms Carnival.  Not only did I get to know Beth Terry – I actually got to meet her!

I can speak volumes to the respect I have for Beth. The single thing that captivated me most about Beth is her genuine desire to explore how she could make personal changes regarding plastic use. This emotionally driven hobby of sorts, became a profound passionate and influencial personal expression.

Beth Terry’s book: Plastic Free :: How I Kicked The Plastic Habit And How You Can Too is an honest, practical and tremendously resourceful guide about ridding ourselves of the evils of plastic in our lives.

I was given a pdf version of Beth’s book to review – since finishing it I find myself thinking about the information in it ALL the time.

While I typically don’t buy books I feel this is a book I seriously want to have on hand.

I love that the book itself is constructed completely plastic free and shipped in an equally non-plastic manner

My five top take-a-ways of Beth’s book: 

ONE – Plastic is a synthetic coal derived substance that has been made into tens of thousands of “things”  that never ever existed before in nature – nature hasn’t a clue what to do with it all  

I love this description. 

TWO – Additives to make plastics color, strength,  and it’s significant character,  “leach”  causing harm to those who ingest it.   The presence of this harm is in our blood. The levels of these chemicals on our body is quite frightening.

THREE – Recycling is a bit of a farce – it’s a glorified solution that makes our consumption habits feel better by sorting our one – time use consumables into piles that somehow “go away”   The reality and the complexity of recycling is beautifully explained in Beth’s book.

FOUR – Beth champions many simple eliminate plastic from one’s life strategies;  like –> taking your own bag to the store, acknowledging that we have bottled water drinking problem, ways to be on the go and not create to go garbage,  and using a personal glass straw!  She introduces one to the many companies who take back their one – time use products and take on the responsibility of re-using their waste.  All of these ideas are simple and wonderful shifts one can easily make.  If using glass straws was the norm, we could eliminate the need for the useless garbage we create by needing to sip from a straw in the first place!

FIVE – Our addiction to bottled water  — an author friend of mine shared that there is a 5 million dollar advertising campaign convincing us we don’t have time to cook.   A similar campaign tells us we need to buy bottled water. The truth is we don’t.  We need to be re-educated.

Our Beth offers her readership the show your plastic trash challenge!   Basically she invites you to look at what your plastic waste trash is from a single week, and to share the results on her blog! She then encourages you to take that waste and find way to reduce the plastics in your life. Her book gives you every single solution you can possibly imagine !!

I love it.

Beth – thank you for opening my eyes and my mind.  I love how honest and enthusiastic you are !! I admire your tenacity, your grace and your generous sharing heart.   Knowing you personally I am also grateful for how you make me laugh!!  You are a wonderful resource for a tangible way to make a difference for this planet!

P.S. Beth – I hope you know how often you wiggle into my mind. Often when I am a consumer – I say to myself  “what would beth do?”

Karen Hanrahan and Beth Terry – Chicago BlogHer 2009

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2 Responses to Book Review – Kicking The Plastic Habit – Author Beth Terry

  1. Karen J says:

    I am sooo frustrated by the many products that ONLY come in plastic containers! And often, *small* plastic containers, at that. For a while, you could easily find “refill sizes”, but that’s become more difficult lately.

    Oh, the balancing act: between weight (for shipping) and serving size and profit (all up and down the chain) and consumer price. Yikes!

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