Quality Soy Protein After Lap Band Surgery


Lap Band surgery is a surgical option for those who suffer from obesity.  It is a procedure that helps make the stomach smaller helping the patient lose weight.

Did you know that the needs for protein post lap band surgery increases by 30%?

With meals limited to only 3 very small meals a day.  It’s a challenge for those post Lap Band Surgery to meet the protein needs to maintain health and well being.

Our Soy Protein is something many post lap band surgery patients swear by.

It is:  

low calorie

non-gmo soy

assimilates easy

a complete protein.

If you are considering Lap Band Surgery and seeking quality options  for what to eat after your surgery consider our Soy Protein and our quality multi-vitamin.

Comprehensive Why Protein Post Here

note:  this blogger is not recommending lapband surgery – merely offering a quality protein solution for those who have had or a are considering this procedure

image by Karen Hanrahan 





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