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This category covers my advocacy for all things green, including products I sell that are green, our monthly green mom’s carnival, and a sharing of my green heroes.

Book Review – Kicking The Plastic Habit – Author Beth Terry

Who comes to my mind as the top influencer in shifting ones ideas to a more plastic free lifestyle.   Beth Terry! My first impression of Beth?  Not so impressive. When I began reading green blogs I thought a LOT … Continue reading

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Green Top Grocery Starts Owner Drive

Remember that local seed starting campaign I shared a bit back?  Well,  proudly that little bit of asking yielded a whole lot of upfront starting capitol for this budding enterprise!! How cool is that!?  Since they have created a new … Continue reading

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Manufacturing Your Own Food

This post is for Green Moms Carnival hosted by Abbie over at Farmers Daughter.   The topic this month is Food Independence. I’ve never bought into buying ready made food.  Boxed this, frozen that, spaghetti sauce in a jar.  ick. … Continue reading

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Results Were Good To Go

WGLT’s Good To Go alternative transportation challenge occurred last week and the results are now in.  Loved seeing the tally, especially hearing that bus use went up by 150%! The goal of the program is awareness – don’t drive alone, … Continue reading

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No Need To Lose Nose Hairs While Cleaning Your Oven

Oven cleaners are one of THE most dangerous cleaning products ever. Here are a few lovely substances one might find in an oven cleaner: Naphthalene A white crystalline compound derived from coal tar or petroleum and used in manufacturing dyes, moth … Continue reading

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Climate Change And Our Health

This post is for this month’s Green Mom’s Carnival hosted by Diane MacEachern of Big Green Purse. The topic is Climate Change. It’s the last day of Earth Month.  Earth day is an over done, green washed “whatever”  expression that … Continue reading

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Take On The Good To Go Commuter Challenge!

A Bloomington – Normal  campaign known as “Good To Go” is gearing up for it’s annual challenge.   The campaign asks commuters to look at sustainable/ alternative ways of transportation.   This could include car share, car pooling, riding a … Continue reading

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