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Karen Hanrahan has been described as earthy, grounded, deeply rooted, granola crunching, tree hugging, and a health nut. She doesn’t fight it. She wears clogs, prefers cotton, enjoys vegetables, has a plethora of silver threads in her hair, and she laughs with every part of her.

She’s also an activist by accident…

A few years ago she used a 1996 McDonald’s hamburger as a prop for her healthy living classes, she thought ,”I should blog about this.”  She hit SEND and the next day the post had 1/2 million hits from over 196 countries. It blew out her bandwidth and fried her brain, “OMG, what do I do now”? A day later it ranked #4 on Reddit when other top news for that day were Obama stories. Fast forward to today, she now has 1400 comments on this post alone.

She passionately believes in prevention, natural approaches to health and well being advocating for prevention, green cleaning products, alternative food, cooking from scratch, and networking/mentoring others to health success

Karen’s story of what happened from a single blog post will not only have you question what’s in your fast food, but how the power of a single post provoked passions both pro and con for McDonalds. Years later the post is still generating conversation and the burger lives under lock and key.

Current Topics Of Conversation:

Workshop – Making Healthy Choices for Children

Workshop – Blogging: Be The Expert Only You Can Be.

Topic – Fast Food Anonymous: How to Drive By the Drive-By

Topic – Does This Burger Move My Cheese? Making the Most of a Hot Topic.

Topic – When Bad Comments Happen to Good People.

What They Say About Karen:

“Passionate.  Not just about her areas of expertise, although she definitely has that as well, but what sets Karen apart is her passion to help others succeed.  I recently had the opportunity to hear Karen speak about blogging, and left feeling encouraged and recharged.  Karen excels at relating to her audience and motivating them in a very real, non-motivational speaker cliché way, in large part because she has been there herself.”  Nathan Hinch, Attorney, Mueller and Reece, LLC

“Karen is a very special person with great warmth, integrity, and knowledge about her field. For anyone who wants to learn more about nutrition and health, she is full of facts and information not easily obtained on one’s own. She provides much more than information though — Karen’s energy and enthusiasm truly inspire.”  Debra Michaud, Owner, Spatial Solutions Professional Home Organization

“It is difficult to pick just 3 attributes for Karen, she is a very creative person, with detailed knowledge of both her product and overall health issues. A trustworthy individual that works well with people and, herself, is not satisfied unless the client achieves success with the program as well as believing in its value.”  Carrie Cusack, Specialist, Moore Business Forms

“Karen is very sensitive to making every interaction a success. As a wellness consultant and a blogger, her understanding of health and relationships plays out in her work… I recommend Karen as a writer and wellness educator.”  Barbara Rozgonvi, Managing Editor, WiredPRworks

I recently started a business and I knew I needed to get savvy on social media.   My initial thought was that there would be no reason or benefit for me to do a blog in addition to Facebook and a website.  However, after hearing Karen, I did a 360!  She gave clear examples of how doing a blog benefits a business in a different – yet complementary way – to other forms of social media.   I am so glad that I went to her seminar.  Cheryl Eash, Owner Pastelle Magazine 

I was drawn to Karen’s topic of being my own expert re: blogging because I am a blogger and work with hundreds of mom bloggers, yet feel I know very little about the expertise of it.  I noticed that the entire room was captivated by her storytelling style. She helped me to see the internet in a whole new light — I’d never viewed the web, or blogging, from her perspective. I now blog with more confidence.  Karen rocks.  Jill Salzman Founding Mom of Founding Moms 

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  2. Jason says:

    I’m trying to figure out how to get fish oil / dha into my baby’s breastmilk. We’ve been giving it to her mixed in her bottle for the past 5 weeks, but she has started coughing in the past few days when we give it to her in her bottle. My wife is so upset that she’s saying I’m poisoning our baby and wants me to find a better way to get it into her diet. My wife still takes dha capsules every day.

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