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Retro Basic I From Shaklee

Can anyone date this image? In the original line of Shaklee Green Cleaning products was a product called Basic I – the I was for industrial strength and it was used for heavy grease removal, grill cleaning, and to even … Continue reading

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Blow Torch Not Needed To Kill Germs

Is your germicide flammable? Should it be? When I first discovered green cleaning and started to share it with other folks we used Lysol from the aerosol can as part of our demonstrations. Spray a bit of Lysol near a … Continue reading

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How Do You Kill Germs Greenly?

Each April, in addition to sharing the natural approaches to health via nutritional supplementation, I devote additional advocacy to the wellness of this planet. It’s a germy world we live in.  I’m not paranoid about killing germs but when I … Continue reading

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Five Simple Shifts To Green

If the message has not filtered through to you yet, we really can’t clean this planet up by ourselves. We need a collective force. Please alert those that you might know to all that we have to offer regarding cleaning green. … Continue reading

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Day Two :: No Impact Man Project

The topic today for Day Two of the No Impact Man Project is TRASH The project asks you to evaluate your trash production and to look for ways to improve the way you manage your trash. Are you producing trash … Continue reading

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Nontoxic And Effective Biodegradable Germicide

Our germicidal product is effective at disinfecting and deodorizing inanimate environmental surfaces against bacteria, virus and fungi responsible for infections. Among these are Pseudomonas aeruginosa (associated w/ pneumonia), Staphylococcus aureus ( nursery infections), Salmonella Choleraesius ( gastro entritis) , and … Continue reading

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Know Any Moms Who Want To Clean Green?

Know any moms who we could share this post with? In honor of Earth Day, I would like to tell you about the most amazing “Green” cleaner available, Shaklee’s Basic H2. Why is it so amazing? Other than the fact … Continue reading

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