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Let’s Talk About Constipation

Let’s talk about constipation. I know —  not your typical thing to chat about. Specifically,  lets talk about constipation while traveling. If you put me in a car, train or plane for any length of time, have me drink strange … Continue reading

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Basic H2 Turns Fifty!

Green. Sure is a popular topic,  isn’t it? Have you noticed that  “everyone”  is profiting, touting or advocating their almighty greenness? I hope I don’t sound pompous. I  am glad that the wave is catching on. I just think there’s … Continue reading

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More Spring Blossoms

photographs by Karen Hanrahan oh my mother earth goodness these blossoms on my tree are turning into leaves in the shape of hearts!

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What I Learned From 2009,

This post recaps 2009 for the WILF group writing project over at Robert Hruzek’s Middle Zone Musings.  I haven’t been very active in this project lately. I apologize for that dear Robert. It’s absolutely nothing against you.  Life for me, especially this … Continue reading

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Surgery Update

Spending my morning at Stroger today — Thought you’d appreciate an update Surgery January 2009 – Ulna Shortening – Second of Three Casts Therapeutic – Putty Thumbs Up July 2009 Progress is incremental, methodical, sometimes painful and frustrating.  I lack … Continue reading

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Green Moms Carnival For Mothers Day

This is pointer post to a Mother’s Day Green Mom’s Carnival hosted by the ever influential DianeMacEachern of Big Green Purse  that I participated in. arrow flickr image

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Community Comes And Goes.

This post is for Robert Hruzek’s What I learned from From monthly writing project – the theme of which is Community. What I Learned From Community Is That It Comes And Goes. 1n 1996 I was eeking my existence as … Continue reading

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