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Book Review – Kicking The Plastic Habit – Author Beth Terry

Who comes to my mind as the top influencer in shifting ones ideas to a more plastic free lifestyle.   Beth Terry! My first impression of Beth?  Not so impressive. When I began reading green blogs I thought a LOT … Continue reading

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Green Moms Carnival :: Green Books And Authors We Love

What fabulous green books have you enjoyed and who are the green authors that you admire? I am delighted to host Green Moms Carnival this month and share our collaborative perspectives on the exciting topic of Green Books And Authors We Love.  … Continue reading

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Author Sandra Steingraber Inspires My Work

I have the honor of hosting the Green Moms Carnival this month, the topic is:  Green Books And Authors We Love. Sandra Steingraber,  is an author known as  “the new rachel carson” says Sierra Magazine.   Her most recent book … Continue reading

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Year End Donations Needed For Household Hazardous Waste Event

Ecology Action Center Plans Household Hazardous Waste Event for 2012 Donations Critical to the Success of this first ever Public/Private Partnership for HHW in McLean County Dear Friend of the EAC: It’s been four long years since McLean County saw … Continue reading

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Green Moms Carnival Paints Black Friday Green!

The Black Friday Edition of Green Moms Carnival shares a lively, resourceful and compassionate conversation about How to be a green consumer. Head on over there …  

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Vintage Hankies A Green Alternative To Kleenex

Remember hankies?? I adore the florals, the bright colors and the feeling of vintage cotton hankies I think they are just beautiful. I started using hankies several years ago. I had this collection and I thought gee I should really use them. Ever … Continue reading

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Blog Action Day 2011 – Topic: Food – Do Burgers Harm The Environment?

  This year Blog Action Day coincides with World Food Day, a time that focuses the world’s attention on food,  something we all have in common. The purpose of Blog Action Day is discussion. In the past Blog Action Day … Continue reading

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