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Happy Sweet 16 – 1996 McDonald’s Hamburger!

Hard to believe it was 16 years ago when I decided to purchase a burger from McDonalds to replicate an experiment I had heard about.  The full story of the1996 McDonald’s hamburger can be found here.  In the meantime, Happy … Continue reading

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Donella’s Potato Salad

This summer we’ve been experimenting with different versions of potato salad.  So far, my friend Donella’s creation is my favorite cube and boil 5lbs organic potatoes  – leave skins on, drain and cool.   Add a head of broccoli and … Continue reading

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Quality Soy Protein After Lap Band Surgery

  Lap Band surgery is a surgical option for those who suffer from obesity.  It is a procedure that helps make the stomach smaller helping the patient lose weight. Did you know that the needs for protein post lap band … Continue reading

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Natural Digestive Issue Solutions

Your summer travel tummy ache solutions could include these medicinal herbs: Acidopholus/ Bifidus: Travelers diarrhea is more common than one might think – This particular brand guarantees half a BILLION live beneficial bacteria directly to the small intestine. A balance … Continue reading

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Manufacturing Your Own Food

This post is for Green Moms Carnival hosted by Abbie over at Farmers Daughter.   The topic this month is Food Independence. I’ve never bought into buying ready made food.  Boxed this, frozen that, spaghetti sauce in a jar.  ick. … Continue reading

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Russian Cold Vegetable Soup – Kefir Okroshka

The folks I cook for have been requesting cold soup. This one, sourced from this month’s Vegetarian Times,   was delightful and very refreshing. When it’s this hot ( expected 103 today ) I personally don’t feel particularly hungry but … Continue reading

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My personal parsley stash in my garden this year isn’t very vibrant.  I always know I can get it at my local farmers market. I use parsley A LOT!  You will find it raw in my salads, soups, mixed in … Continue reading

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