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Ground Cherries

Last weekend I was introduced to this delightful fruit. Chef Mike Mustard of Epiphany Farms shared them with me! Mike also gave me the greatest lesson about the manual settings for my new camera. The sepia image below was the … Continue reading

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Winter Skin Emergency Kit

Over the weekend the weather shifted, it got cold, the heat was on and the humidity swiftly vacated the premises. Yikes! I have four products I am never without in the winter. Consider me armed and dangerous with protection against the evils of winter dryness. … Continue reading

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Quality Vitis Rotundifolia!

Quality WHAT ???  Vitis Rotundifolia is the Latin name for our super grape, resveratrol anti-aging product! Talk about a conversation starter!  Quick!!  Try saying it fast three times! This new addition to our high quality nutritional supplement line currently has a … Continue reading

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Say NO to Sugar Substitutes.

  Each October I am reminded of sugar, it’s prevalence in our lives and the health damage it can cause along the way. Some might ask what’s the big deal about sugar. Truthfully, if eaten in moderation absolutely nothing is … Continue reading

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Nutrition and Autism

This post is a rather comprehensive commentary. It’s a bit long. Most of the commentary is not mine. I am sharing the information below with the permission of Laurence Becker, whom as small as our wonderful world is, I met at my national convention 2 … Continue reading

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Garlic for Allergies and More!

Garlic as a medicinal herb has a remarkable history, withstanding the test of time. Reliably, Garlic is part of a valid heart health supplement program and benefits those who have immune function challenges. If you are at risk for heart disease, use antibiotics … Continue reading

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Zinc Is An Essential Healing Trace Mineral

When considering what proven trace minerals build your natural immunity consider Zinc 80 % of Americans are deficient in Zinc. Wow Zinc participates in more that 200 different enzymatic systems in the body. A deficiency in zinc means that none of these … Continue reading

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