Each month I pick a topic of health interest and offer a free hour of conversation.  “Just For The Health It”

Additionally, I offer a more comprehensive conversation for parents or for anyone who wants to clean up their what and how they eat game plan.

Making Healthy Choices For Your Children

A Comprehensive Workshop for Moms and Dads.

What are the choices we have as parents regarding the foods we feed our children?

Many foods are loaded with chemicals, dyes, and sweeteners. These now common, yet often hidden ingredients can affect the health and sometimes the behavior of our child.  Fortunately, we can make choices as to what we purchases and consume that do NOT have these harmful ingredients.  Where to begin?

Start with this informative workshop!  

This workshop is available for church groups, parent groups, corporate environments or even at someone’s home.  I have access to a neutral community room, should a group need a space to meet. 

Who do you know who might find this topic of value? Kindly share this page link with them!

Lastly, I offer grocery aisle tours!!  Making changes ?  Not sure where to start?  Trying to navigate a grocery store and which choices/brands to buy is overwhelming and time consuming.  Let me guide you. Which brands or products do I buy and why?


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