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Celebration of Birth

Twas a day like today actually – exactly. COLD, but bright. Warm from the sun but mitten weather. My son and I went to the park that day and it struck me then. This is it. It’s the last time … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Cake

Today I baked what could be defined as our family favorite. It’s a recipe by all definition and from my perspective totally not healthy. Pre-made Cake Mix, Canned Pie Mix, white flour, food dye’s, hydrogenated whatever. The alternative food queen’s nightmare. However the … Continue reading

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Holiday Lights and Being Green

I live in a wonderful old victorian train town – 125 plus years old.  My old town is loaded with the charm of old that I treasure. Which is probably why I live here! In recent weeks the town has become bedazzled … Continue reading

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Fast and Easy Menu Planning

It’s back to the real world after holiday indulgances and a deliciously long weekend. Yesterday I created the weeks plan for food, appointments,activities and today – my typical out of the house day – was very full. In addition to … Continue reading

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Turkey Leftovers

The advantage of having someone else do the cooking on Thanksgiving is pretty obvious – can you say relaxing??  That it was. At the same time it does not offer the bounty of turkey leftovers. My wonderful friend who prepared … Continue reading

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Collage: Blue Hope

This is a collage I did in 1999. It’s my most favorite of all. I was divorced the first time in 1996 and in process with that for almost 4 years.  Those were some pretty rough times. In 1998 I … Continue reading

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The Day After Black Friday and Buy Nothing Day

I didn’t know that there was such a thing called Black Friday …maybe because I haven’t watched TV for 11 years, or maybe because I am rather anti-commercial,crowds and mall – a – phobic.  I mean I get that it’s the … Continue reading

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