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Celebration of Birth

Twas a day like today actually – exactly. COLD, but bright. Warm from the sun but mitten weather. My son and I went to the park that day and it struck me then. This is it. It’s the last time … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Cake

Today I baked what could be defined as our family favorite. It’s a recipe by all definition and from my perspective totally not healthy. Pre-made Cake Mix, Canned Pie Mix, white flour, food dye’s, hydrogenated whatever. The alternative food queen’s nightmare. However the … Continue reading

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Holiday Lights and Being Green

I live in a wonderful old victorian train town – 125 plus years old.  My old town is loaded with the charm of old that I treasure. Which is probably why I live here! In recent weeks the town has become bedazzled … Continue reading

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Fast and Easy Menu Planning

It’s back to the real world after holiday indulgances and a deliciously long weekend. Yesterday I created the weeks plan for food, appointments,activities and today – my typical out of the house day – was very full. In addition to … Continue reading

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Turkey Leftovers

The advantage of having someone else do the cooking on Thanksgiving is pretty obvious – can you say relaxing??  That it was. At the same time it does not offer the bounty of turkey leftovers. My wonderful friend who prepared … Continue reading

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Collage: Blue Hope

This is a collage I did in 1999. It’s my most favorite of all. I was divorced the first time in 1996 and in process with that for almost 4 years.  Those were some pretty rough times. In 1998 I … Continue reading

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The Day After Black Friday and Buy Nothing Day

I didn’t know that there was such a thing called Black Friday …maybe because I haven’t watched TV for 11 years, or maybe because I am rather anti-commercial,crowds and mall – a – phobic.  I mean I get that it’s the … Continue reading

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Magic of the First Snow

Living in the midwest my whole life I should be used to winters by now. I am always amazed that when the temperatures shift into the 30’s how initially unbearable the cold feels. Come March when the season is at it’s peak … Continue reading

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Favorite Thanksgiving Memories

A Few of My Favorite Thanksgiving Memories: Having my HS sweetheart over for the family dinner. We ate very formally. He was so nervous it was positively endearing. Of course we endured the meal only to rush out of the … Continue reading

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Just a Few of Her Favorite Things

A certain celebrity of much notoriety has a show each year highlighting just a few of her favorite things. Our company was honored to be on that list for 2007!! How positively exciting!! Our company was actually mentioned on this show 4 … Continue reading

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