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Nutrition and Erectile Dysfunction

My male clients are often hesitant to discuss their erectile dysfunction with me.  Turns out men are shy talking about this with their medical doctors too.  Symptoms of male sexual dysfunction can be related to a larger health concern – … Continue reading

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Fiber And YOUR Heart

Fiber. That plant substance we might want to eat volumes of in order to keep regular. 25 grams daily volume of. Fiber helps us to naturally remove toxins.  It also binds with cholesterol-rich bile acids, preventing them from being absorbed into the … Continue reading

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Your Heart Needs Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a classic anti-oxidant and a nutrient that improves immune function.  Vitamin E has an affinity for oxygen, protects the cells from damage and paired with Vitamin C is a very dynamic nutritional duo. Vitamin E is especially beneficial to those striving to prevent … Continue reading

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The Olympic Gold Competitive Edge

What does it take to have that Olympic Gold Competitive Edge?  Notice how many golds are from the US Ski and Snowboarding Team?? Obviously, they are all tremendous athletes.  They train hard and they take good very good care of … Continue reading

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The Baking Soda Experiment

It all started about a year ago when Deanna over at crunchy chicken shared a link about the rock. She had issues with underarm odor and quite frankly so did I. The post in crunchy’s formidable style is VERY humorous, … Continue reading

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Lipitor Depletes CoQ10

Do you really want to take that Lipitor? Did you know that the design of the cholesterol lowering drug Lipitor is for those who can’t lower their cholesterol with diet and exercise alone?? Yet, often when someone is diagnosed with high … Continue reading

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Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally With Fish Oil

I can lower your cholesterol naturally. Pretty strong statement, eh? I have worked with enough clients over the years who have followed a very specific nutritional protocol for lowering their cholesterol and can say we’ve done it time and time … Continue reading

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You Can Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally

Heart disease is still our #1 killer disease in America. Following a good prevention program of exercise, a diet high in fiber, low in fat, and keeping our cholesterol level at 180 or below, one can significantly reduce risk. Include 6 … Continue reading

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Just Chew It – healthy alternative to RedBull

What if you could get a healthy kick in the attitude?  You know, that immediate I need some energy and focus kind of attitude?  What if you could pop a chew and get you and your body moving,  sharpen your … Continue reading

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The Worst And The Best Kiss

I think that the kiss is an ultimate expression of love. Even to this day a kiss can make my heart flutter. I will openly admit that I adore kissing. Have you ever had a special kissing moment? My very … Continue reading

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