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My personal parsley stash in my garden this year isn’t very vibrant.  I always know I can get it at my local farmers market. I use parsley A LOT!  You will find it raw in my salads, soups, mixed in … Continue reading

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Sports Nutrition :: Before During And After Your Workout

We all know regular exercise is an important component of fitness and health, but how many of us know that what we ate last night and this morning can have a huge impact on the quality of today’s workout?   … Continue reading

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Lincoln’s Last Murder Case :: The Affray

The Affray:  Lincoln’s Last Murder Case is back by popular demand.   My daughter will again be performing in this local production! McLean County History Museum hosts Lincoln courtroom drama for 2nd year in a row. Back by popular demand, the … Continue reading

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For The Love Of Amaranth Greens

I adore this moment of seasonal amaranth goodness, a new find since last year at the farmers market!!  This nutritious green has a great affinity with a scrambled egg or two and as this recipe suggests is delightful sauteed with … Continue reading

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5 Takeaways From AtMidwest

Here are my five AtMidwest Conference take aways : Keynote Speaker Tim Miles of The Daily Blur, was an unknown to me until today.  He combined a charming cerebral sortof sexy geek speaking style with a fascinating message about how history repeats … Continue reading

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Homemade Popsicles That Hydrate!!

It’s that time of year when it’s definitely hot enough to enjoy popsicles again. I have always been a tad horrified by those plastic tubes with food dye colored popsicle treats. Something that turns your mouth blue just doesn’t seem right. … Continue reading

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Meet Our Pure Performance Team :: Sports Nutrition That Rocks!

Does your Sports Nutrition Rock? Who do you know who is physically active? Casual athletes, kids in sports, cyclists, baseball, volleyball, backyard play, intramural sports, traveling teams, summer swimming, perhaps someone who has to maintain a huge lawn??  What about a … Continue reading

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