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Pomegranite Seeds

taken by karen hanrahan if i wasn’t so darn wintery out – gloomy – not an ounce of sunshine – cold – I might have been able to shoot this in natural light.  Not the case with the above image, … Continue reading

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How Sweet It Is

Dr Stephen Chaney  shared this commentary this week in an email – here it is below in it’s entirety. I love Dr. Chaney’s humor, his perspective and his sensible advice.   He and his wife were in attendance at a … Continue reading

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Flu Season Is STILL Here.

I want to remind you that flu season is still upon us. When the weather starts to shift from deep freeze to thaw and back to cold again that’s when you see folks getting sick.  A flu prevention strategy is … Continue reading

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Apple Cinnamon Spice Energy Tea

It’s cold and miserably wintery out, doesn’t this apple cinnamon spice energy tea sound positively wonderful? One stick of inch loss green,red,and white tea.6 oz of hot water2 tbsp of unsweetened apple juice1 tsp of orange juice dash of cinnamon … Continue reading

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My Cat Cleo

My precious black cat Cleo, queen of mink-mink and purr monster had a stroke yesterday. She would have been 15 this July. She was diagnosed under the umbrella of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM), or common and often familial heart disease found … Continue reading

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Ice Storm

taken by karen hanrahan They get ice storms here.  Isn’t it beautiful?

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Taurine And Weight Loss

  Taurine has been widely studied for enhanced energy and alertness. It is a main ingredient found in our product for regulating glucose, in our 3 in 1 weight loss product as well as in our weight loss tea. Taurine … Continue reading

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Green Tea For Weight Loss

Our healthy weight loss program has many elements to it.  A signature component and a product I simply adore is our green, red and white tea also called “liquid ooomph” The FDA prohibits nutritional companies from making medicinal claims regarding … Continue reading

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Boost Your Metabolism With EGCG

EGCG is found in our 3-in-1 boost pill. It is the easy way of saying epigallocatechin gallate, a naturally occurring polyphenol Found in green tea, EGCG has been shown in clinical studies to boost thermogenesis and boost metabolism. EGCG helps … Continue reading

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The Weight Loss Picture That Won A Prize

Thanks John of Digital Studio Inc  for taking this awesome pictureSpring 2008  me – a size 18, the overalls are a size 24. The above picture and testimony won a prize of $500!! Yippeeee!I personally feel weight loss is a … Continue reading

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