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The Karen Economy

This post is for this months What I Learned From Writing Project  over at Robert Hruzek’s Middle Zone Musings. The topic is have you ever been the recipient of generosity?  That question is the understatement of the century for me.   Two years … Continue reading

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The Princess And The Pea

I have a huge affection for fine linen.   The textures, the patterns, the vivid colors.  In my ultimate linen fantasy, I have linen for each season of the year. Oh the possibilities!! I’d then need a walk in linen closet. Can you … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Be safe, be well, eat lots, hug with all your might, be ever so grateful.  taken while travelling from LaCrosse,Wi by Karen

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Pumpkin Shake

The last thing most folks are thinking about right now, the day before Thanksgiving is weight loss.   This post might be sharing a weight loss shake recipe …but what most folks are thinking about is that lovely slice of pumpkin pie!!!  There … Continue reading

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Dear Car Thief – Part Two

Dear Car Thief, I went to pick up my car you stole from me today. Thanks for the hefty impounding fees – yup, a flat tow and 3 days of charges. Your going to pay me back right ?? Also appreciate … Continue reading

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Why Take Carotenoids?

When one thinks of anti-oxidants they typically think of  the super trio Vita C, E and Beta Carotene. I have always known Beta Carotene to be the infamous carrot! We all know carrots are good for you. As nutritional sciences advanced so did … Continue reading

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Sunny Pumpkin

Taken by Karen … The sun landed on it just right….

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Playing Tag

My wordy mentor and delightful poetess friend nadine sellers of greennadine’s weblog describes herself as…someone who doesn’t  play games, who doesn’t engage in gambling, or spectator sports…she is neither warbler nor twitter. She says she has no sense of humor,  she’s serious, she shuns … Continue reading

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Dear Car Thief

Dear Car Thief, This morning I woke up to find my driveway empty.  You took my car sometime after 11PM after I got back from walking my dog.  It sortof creeps me out to think that who ever you are … Continue reading

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Three Bean Soup

I can not think of a better thing to have on hand than homemade soup. In a quick pinch it’s a meal merely by reheating. When you add crackers, cheese, sliced fruit or a delicious salad. I call that luxury! I used … Continue reading

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