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Shrimp And Rice Patties With Creamy Cilantro Sauce

this recipe was prompted by a need to use up some leftover cilantro.  credit for the recipe goes to the back of the Lundberg organic long grain rice bag. don’t know about you but some of my best recipes come … Continue reading

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Be A Seed Starter!

Bring Green Top Grocery Co-op to our town!! There is a super cool local project going on. 3 months ago, out of curiosity  I attended a meeting to learn what a food co-op was, I mean,  I knew what a … Continue reading

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Menopause Naturally

For women who are more comfortable using natural alternatives to estrogen replacement therapy, the following nutrients have been reported to be helpful for a women’s reproductive system in general, and to delay and reduce menopausal symptoms in particular. I have … Continue reading

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Jewelry Artist :: Martha Brown

shout out to local jewelry artist Martha Brown of ArtJools. it’s farmers market season again, love the vibe on saturday mornings had a problem to solve and Martha, who vends at our market came to the rescue. i was gifted … Continue reading

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Results Were Good To Go

WGLT’s Good To Go alternative transportation challenge occurred last week and the results are now in.  Loved seeing the tally, especially hearing that bus use went up by 150%! The goal of the program is awareness – don’t drive alone, … Continue reading

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Do You Have PMS?

Premenstrual Syndrome are symptoms a woman experiences before the onset of her period. When this Mother Earth was a young girl becoming a woman was a bit of a wow. The joke for my parents was the note I left under my … Continue reading

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Mother Daughter Tile

perhaps you recall that i am a gushing fan of the swedish artist camilla engman. she examples someone who has made herself very accessible via the web, I feel often artists are so elusive and mysterious. I fell for Camilla’s authenticity … Continue reading

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