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Nutritional Deficiences In Children

This is the last post for this months topic focus Children’s Health. Should your child experience any of the symptoms listed below consider that there may be an underlying nutrient defeciency contributing to the cause This list was graciously supplied by Nutritionist Barbara Lagoni. Many of … Continue reading

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To Consume Or Not To Consume

The theme for this month’s Green Mom’s Carnival is Commercialism of the Holidays hosted by the lovely Michelle at Green Bean Dreams When the theme was announced I was immediately reminded of this event: In the country there was a farm … Continue reading

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The 1996 McDonald’s Hamburger FAQ

The little 1996 McDonald’s Burger that could…. Who would have EVER thought that a show and tell prop and photograph of a 1996 McDonald’s Hamburger could cause such a bloggy stir? Who would have ever known the devotion so many … Continue reading

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Top Ten Food Additives To Avoid

This was my gig in the early 90’s. I began to read labels and I decided that I wanted to do better for myself and my family.  I had a horrific diet, it showed up in my health and well being … Continue reading

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1996 McDonalds Hamburger

I teach a workshop titled Healthy Choices for Children.  It’s a class for parents seeking solutions to how to improve the way they eat. It’s about the alternative food market, organics, and the top ten food additives to avoid and why, menu … Continue reading

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Childhood Obesity

This week I want to offer information on a very serious topic:  Childhood Obesity The World Health Organization offers these statistics: Globally, there are more than 1 billion overweight adults, at least 300 million of them obese. The key causes are … Continue reading

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Binder Collage

She only had time to create two binder collages this fall. Her creative slip in the front of the binder expressions always make me smile. Lantern Collage by Kate Monkey Face by Kate Other Binder Collages.

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Lysol is Flammable

When I first discovered green cleaning and started to share it with other folks we used Lysol from the can as part of our demonstrations.  Spray a bit of  Lysol near a lit match and whoooosh it lights right up!  Spray our … Continue reading

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Eat Your Vegetables! Tricks for Picky Kids

Last night my lovely teenage daughter said she didn’t really appreciate the fresh parsley in the cous-cous I made. While my daughter has come far in the picky eating category, I found myself resorting to an old parent tactic that worked … Continue reading

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Lemon Orzo with Parsley and Asparagus

You must think we never eat with the lack of recipes from the heart posts around here. Truth is after 130 recipes or so I wasn’t really cooking anything new. Like tonight this is a retread of something I adore making…served … Continue reading

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