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Once Upon a Time I Had a Family

Today’s post is specifically to my family. Meaning the family that I grew up with. You know the one you don’t get to pick? Thank you for visiting me here at Best of Mother Earth For those of you who are … Continue reading

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French Onion Soup

Some things I like to eat I know my kids won’t like. French Onion Soup is one.  I decided I would make it for Christmas Eve once they left to go to their dad’s.  After after all the cooking I did … Continue reading

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Winter Beef Stew

When it looks like this outside… recipes like Winter Beef Stew are just perfect Fence and Vine Covered with Snow in My YardI was writing Chef Kelly Fisher’s Newsletter  this month and wrote about this recipe my mom used to make  When I … Continue reading

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Pre and Post Surgery Nutrition

This is the first time I have had a nutritional commentary outside my regular sharing on this blog. Most of my work will fall into a monthly topic or a product of the week and get shared accordingly, but what I … Continue reading

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Daughter Moments

Happiness is the ice storm that didn’t make it here. Happiness is leftover spilt pea soup with fresh rye bread, butter, sliced apples and cheese. Even BETTER happiness is a the daily ritual I get to participate in …”mama may I … Continue reading

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Risotto with Acorn Squash

I keep thinking that I’ve written about risotto before but I can’t find it on my blog. Wait!!  I did write about it during my 2 week pilot last spring – ha!! See? I knew that this felt like I’ve written … Continue reading

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Yellow Split Pea Soup!

Thanksgiving, my daughter’s birthday, month end/month begins and holiday churn has me feeling rather crazy – sortof spinning things too fast in my head and heart. I feel excited and detached – sortof like a machine on automatic. As I try, … Continue reading

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