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New Year Greenolutions

This post is for the January Green Moms Carnival hosted by the ever so lovely Katy Farber of Non-Toxic Kids Thank you for hosting !! In recent past I have made certain green strides in my business, in my sustainability … Continue reading

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Seasonal Blessings And Joy!

photograph by karen hanrahan Wishing you and yours tremendous seasonal blessings and joy!!

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Can Money Buy Health?

Ralph Waldo Emerson said  ” The First Wealth Is Health ” This is from an insert that I have often tucked into my christmas greetings. Written by Sarah Breathnach Ban from 1995’s Simple Abundance “Money has to buy alot during this time of … Continue reading

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What I Learned From 2009,

This post recaps 2009 for the WILF group writing project over at Robert Hruzek’s Middle Zone Musings.  I haven’t been very active in this project lately. I apologize for that dear Robert. It’s absolutely nothing against you.  Life for me, especially this … Continue reading

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It’s Cold Outside And I Don’t Have A Thing To Wear

I’ve never been able to look put together in the winter time. I just don’t seem to ever have the right coat, boots, scarf, matching gloves or a hat that doesn’t look positively dweeby. I recently bought a tailored red wool … Continue reading

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Stress And Adaptagenic Herbs

Two herbs which have adaptogenic properties are:Ginseng: is considered a chi tonic–more specifically a tonic for the yang chi–in traditional Chinese medicine. This ginseng is usually given to people who display yang deficiency–weakness in muscles, voice and constitution, for example–and … Continue reading

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Nutrients That Are Lost Or Stolen Due To Stress

Nutrients That Are Lost Or Stolen Due To Stress B Vitamins: “what stress robs, B’s restore.” B’s are water soluble, and are lost very easily from foods and the body. B’s must constantly be replenished. B’s work more effectively when … Continue reading

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Does Your Lifestyle Manage Stress?

Take this stress test below. Perfect score 120 – average score 60. Higher score indicates you are more likely to cope well with the ups and downs of life. Give yourself 10 points for these things: total points ____ Do … Continue reading

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Do You Have These Stress Symptoms?

Symptoms Of Stress Diarrhea /constipation Nausea Feeling “faint” Stroking beard/ mustache Hair twirling/pulling/tossing Clenched fists Nervous cough Mouth noises e.g., tongue clucking Talking too much/ too fast Inability to talk “Lump” in the throat Sweating Menstrual irregularities Blushing Fingernail biting … Continue reading

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Is Your Cortisol Depleted?

Cortisol/Adrenal Fatigue Checklist Rate the occurrence of the following symptoms. 5 being common or something that happens regularly and 1 being an occasional symptom. __ Constantly tired__ Frequent headaches__ Nausea or stomach in knots __ Trouble sleeping __ Difficulty concentrating__ … Continue reading

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