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Wanted – Green People

It’s the very last day of March, and my last opportunity to speak to green in honor of St Patrick’s Day, this months theme. It’s at this time of the year, when April turns into MORE spring showers, and a … Continue reading

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Green Moms Carnival :: The Plastic Project

The topic for this month’s Green Moms Carnival is Plastics.  It is hosted by the amazing Beth Terry of Fake Plastic Fish,  Beth is a strident example of someone who has emphatically said no to plastics. She lives it. I personally got … Continue reading

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Best Of Mother Earth Celebrates Earth Hour

What are you doing THIS Saturday night? Seriously! THIS Saturday March 28th at 8:30 PM we are turning off all of our non-essential electricity in honor of Earth Hour. I wish I could invite you all over  to my house. We’d twinkle the … Continue reading

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The Power of Polyphenols

The other day on Oprah, Dr. Oz spoke to anti-aging, life regeneration, life prolonging, life extension pioneering and the significant value of resveratrol. Resveratrol is a potent member of the class of natural, plant-derived chemicals known as polyphenols.  Diets high in fruits … Continue reading

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Accountants Need Nutritional Supplements Too.

Why I was thinking about this in the shower is beyond me, but I was… maybe because I have an accountant that is exceptionally good to me and I was thinking of ways nutrients would support her right now… she thought … Continue reading

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Spring Schming

Today is the calendar date that says that it’s the first day of spring. The sun is brightly shining and it may appear to be spring like outside.  But it’s COLD. Nature misrepresented herself. Spring equinox schmequinox. March marches on … Continue reading

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Products That Are Green – Herbal Multi-Purpose Cream

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I am highlighting  products from my company that are green. Of course in our world that could mean the entire green cleaning product line, it could mean a variety of other nutritional products too. … Continue reading

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