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Why Should We Take Care Of Our Face?

Why Take Care Of Your Face? Because You Are Beautiful! Use Plant Based Nutrient Rich Anti-Aging Skin Care Why Cleanse? To remove dirt without stripping precious natural oils Why use Cleansing Masks? Occasional deep cleansing – goes beyond the surface layers … Continue reading

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What Is Acne?

ACNE Acne can have a genetic component All adolescents experience some form of acne in their teenage years 50% of all adults suffer from this persistent condition Acne is a complex cycle of events… ( I found the description below, … Continue reading

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Weight Loss For Woman

Many woman struggle with their weight. This fall I will celebrate three years on this quality weight loss program To update you, I am down another size from when this picture was taken in 2008 me – a size 16, the … Continue reading

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Anti-Aging Skin Care

 Ask ANY woman you know if they adore their personal skin care regime and you will find that most are rather devoted to their particular brand. I know this because I sell skin care. Shifting any woman over takes some pretty hefty selling.  If … Continue reading

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What The Heck Is Menopause?

A post titled what the heck is Menopause, about the topic so many woman face at this lovely biological phase in their life probably would have made sense to write first. Being that it’s this week’s theme and all. Instead I wrote first about the … Continue reading

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Menopause and Osteoporosis

I was having a Martha moment, drinking tea and savoring my latest Martha Stewart magazine when an ad caught my eye. It said… “raise your hand for a drug that reduces risk of invasive breast cancer and provides osteoporosis treatment postmenopause…” there is … Continue reading

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Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Menopause?

This Menopause Herbal Cooling Cream is affectionately known as “hot flash cream”. Are you a woman who experiences dramatic skin temperature fluctuations ? This cream contains a proprietary, synergistic blend of more than a dozen natural herbs including black cohosh, soy … Continue reading

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Menopause: The Natural Way

Menopause:: The Natural Way For women who are more comfortable using natural alternatives to estrogen replacement therapy, the following nutrients have been reported to be helpful for a women’s reproductive system in general, and to delay and reduce menopausal symptoms … Continue reading

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From The Garden Of Best Of Mother Earth

taken yesterday in best of mother earth’s garden

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Green Moms Carnival Write About Gardening

This post is an entry for this month’s Green Mom’s Carnival. The topic is Gardening. This Mother Earth’s green thumb is more a beautiful shade of brown. My outdoor gardens over the years have usually been meager attempts at live vegetation. … Continue reading

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