The Katydid

One evening last week a huge katydid appeared in my office. Those not familiar with the bug, just know that they are rather beautiful, a brilliant green, very long grasshopper style legs with extremely long antenna.  The sounds of summer, the one that has the trees humming when it gets dark is also the work of the Katydid

My friend and author Sheila Glazov has these two books; Animals Speaks and Animal Wise.

I called her and said OK what does it mean? This Katydid in my office, why is it here??

The Book Animal Wise by Ted Andrews said: These animals teach us how to blend and shift our energies, to change how we have been approaching things. We may during this time try doing things a different way. These animals often show up in the beginning of a new endeavor when individuals are initiating new lines of work and creative activities

deep breath here

The katydid was sheparding me into my first writing gig. I couldn’t believe the timing, the uncanny presence of this creature.  I has just put effort into my first drafts.  I totally loved the excitement I was experiencing as I was writing – I am getting paid to do this!! Yet I was also nervous. Would my clients appreciate my work?  They did.

Thank you Mr. Katydid

We had a katydid in our life once before. It was the first day of school in a new neighborhood. I was going through my first divorce, my daughter was elated to be starting kindergarten. My son however was very nervous. On the way we spotted this amazing katydid and brought it to share.

My son was the hit of the playground.

I was the mom shaking everyone’s hand- hi we’re new here, see the kid with the bug? Can you watch him?  I had landed a part time job and needed an hour of care after school.

It was desperate frightening time for all of us.

A time we were definitely trying things a different way.

Do you believe my point and shoot captured this shot? Here’s lookin’ at ya sweetheart! 

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10 Responses to The Katydid

  1. nadine sellers says:

    insects have a way of narrowing the spectrum for us, they enable us to pay attention to the multitude of lively close is a series of beginnings, some new, some tried and renewed. ever changing in details.

  2. Karen Hanrahan says:

    ever been to a bog?? talk about insects speaking out loud, and drawing us in to pay attention.  I liked that this fella reached out to me – reassurance is good

  3. lori friedman says:

    Great shot!! How far away were you from this guy?

  4. Karen Hanrahan says:

    just a few feet – my camera has a pretty nice zoom too – i think it was the natual light from the window that helped too! I just can’t get over the expression!!

  5. Great Green shot! Glad my books and I could be of assistance!Sheila

  6. Karen Hanrahan says:

     I am glad too!!

  7. Karen Putz says:

    Wow, great shot! I love the significance behind the katydid.

  8. Karen Hanrahan says:

    isn’t it cool ??  I too found the symbolism fascinating !!

  9. Kat McNeill says:

    I was just looking on the net to find the symbolism behind the Katydid because I have had one appear in my office! It’s been here for about a week now. It eats the petals of my flower arrangement on my desk. Every morning I think that it will be gone and every day when I come in it is on a different place. I’ve even been keeping the window open in case it wanted to go outside but it hasn’t left yet. I am going through some changes personally and have been reacting to things differently so the symbolism hits home for me. Thanks for sharing!!

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