Back To School Freak

The calendar page turns.

Holy Smokes  – it’s August.

It’s freak out time!!

( A friend emailed sharing her list of gotta gotta’s and said she’s freakin’  — I thought hey that’s a blog title!! )

It’s time to pack in all of what is left of summer, time to spend crazy amounts of money  for “Back To School” things.  Time to stand in squeaky new shoes, get fresh haircuts, gather sharpened No. 2’s, and endure registration lines. Let’s gear up for book day, committee work, making school lunches and car pooling.

I use to save an entire  year for the volume of cash I laid out at this time .

The truth is do we NEED all of this stuff??

In 2009 a group of remarkable like minded woman started gathering monthly to write about topics of greenness.  How cool is that!   Click on here to find twenty eight green savvy perspectives and awesome resources regarding back to school !!

flickr back to school image

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