A Chewable Lipitor. Really?

This month’s heart health focus had me working on a childhood obesity project.  I had watched a series of Public Service Announcements while surfing the net. One video had a child talking about how her Dr had told her she had hypertension. The PSA’s were touted as controversial. They should be. Childhood obesity is really alarming.  Since, I have been wondering what do they do for these kid?  Medicate them?

I did more net surfing and found this article, which led to more articles and I found myself rather mortified

A CHEWABLE Lipitor??   Really?

Lipitor is the BIGGEST selling drug in the world.

A comment was made on one of the above blog posts that said,

parents who medicate a child on predatory marketing and virtually no science should be investigated for child abuse.


I thought, I have to agree.

high cholesterol is not a disease.

side effects of lipitor include:

muscle problems, some of which can be extreme



sexual dysfunction

immune depression

liver dysfunction

not to mention:  cognitive problems and memory loss

and we give that drug to 10 year olds?

Statin drugs commonly prescribed to lower cholesterol reduces levels of the nutrient CoQ10 by 50%.  Think of CoQ10 as the much needed energizer bunny for each and every one of your cells. Reduced cell energy can actually compromise the function of your heart.

Remind me again how Statin Drugs are good for heart health?

If someone is choosing to be on the medication Lipitor it’s my role to at least offer a quality CoQ10.

Our CoQ10 has tripled its dosage after preliminary research shows that 100 mg of CoQ10 reduces muscle aches, often associated with statin drug users by 40%.

Our product also offers anti-oxidant protection and an olive oil based delivery system.

Order retail here.

Just a thought,  a membership saves you 15%

and keep in mind that one can put this product on auto-ship and save an additional 10%.

We also offer a three pronged heart health solution that includes CoQ10, Fish OIl and a product that can reduce cholesterol naturally.   One can do this lower their cholesterol thing with medication.

Who do you know that is taking statin drugs?  Will you share the above information with them?






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